What is this?

This site’s name, like all ethical statements, is bound to be misunderstood. Our purpose is to find out what is true and good in life, in the light that everyone thinks they have found it. Reason has expanded our horizons in many areas of knowledge, but keeps being largely absent in the field of ethicstus ojos; this manifests itself in the destructive cycles of family dramas, politics and religion, affecting all of us. An understanding of ethics, in turn, will provide much needed clarity and consistency to anyone interested in understanding the world at all levels.

Before any attempt at finding the answer to “what is good?” o “what is virtue?”, we must identify what is wrong with everything we currently call “good”; clear the confusion and advance together in the direction of the unknown. Only then will we be ready to see clearly and address this old question.

The answer we suggest, however, begins with letting go of social principles as a guide for behaviour. Morality (understood as any set of propositions that we obey consciously and which are of the form “you ought to do X” — not “you ought to do X if you want Y“) is a false construct. Morality is a linguistic device for socialization that nobody really wants but has been conditioned to obey.

Nietzsche´s own insight into this question, for example, led him to the conclusion that “God is dead”, but his approach , as does the approach of most philosophers, lacked a key element for the understanding of cognition and human nature: the parent-child relationship. Nietzsche was only talking metaphorically about things that are familiar to all of us in our most important relationships

Still, we can show how morality is  by pure logical argumentation (see ‘What Is’ – A Rational Basis for Existence and Ethics). We can explain how ethics comes with nature, what it is, and how it works before it is rendered impure by adults trying to own and dominate children in a self-abusive cycle.

We also aim to show the profound implications an understanding of “what should be” has in all areas of activity, from psychology to the economy; as has always been the case, and could not be otherwise, since ethics is at the root of all purpose.