Why Bitcoin Cannot Win

Bitcoin is not going to change society because money, like the state, is a product of society – not society a product of money, or money a product of individuals. The money of the future will not be Bitcoin, but another cryptocurrency. Here is why —>

‘What Is’ – A Rational Basis for Existence and Ethics

This essay aims to clear all confusion regarding existence, morality and ethics. It starts by redefining some basic philosophical concepts, goes on to prove all morality as illogical and invalid, and sets the basis for a rational understanding of ethics.

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‘Shelling Out’: The origins of money

Nick Szabo’s independent investigation about the origins of money led him to a consistent theory about the origins of money of beautiful and accurate parallels with cryptocurrencies. Suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto himself (the anonymous creator of Bitcoin), his work gives us the necessary perspective to understand the natural function of money and why Bitcoin the ultimate evolutionary leap of money. Read the essay—>