Thus spake Bitcoin


O my brethren, am I then cruel? But I say: What falleth, that shall one also push!

Everything of to-day—it falleth, it decayeth; who would preserve it! But I—I wish also to push it!

Know ye the delight which rolleth stones into precipitous depths?—Those men of to-day, see just how they roll into my depths!

A prelude am I to better players, O my brethren! An example! DO according to mine example! And him whom ye do not teach to fly, teach I pray you—TO FALL FASTER!—

 Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra


What are political ideologies but mere brutality disguised as reason; and what is brutality but mere self-destruction. In this article Daniel Krawisz carefully explains why there is a certain ethical duty to act so that the altcoin ideologues desist and sink into their lie. For each parasite we feed, less sap we have left for our own survival and ultimate success, which is guaranteed. With each parasite we harbour, and towards whom we funnel our blood, we relive the drama of believing that everything could be lost; we relive the self deception – stemming from a childhood behind bars – that perhaps the parasite could prevail and the unreason triumph. Anyone who thinks so has not yet freed themselves of that subjective prison: unreason never prevailed on this earth, and never will!

As spoke Zarathustra, so speaks Bitcoin. His protocol and proof of work guarantees cooperation among rational players, who impose objective costs on themselves to demonstrate their intention to cooperate, as brethren who recognize and respect the fact that their individual interests may diverge at any time. Bitcoin not only has parasites in the coins’ area but also on the Internet with the possibility of attacking nodes: the protocol, in effect, pushes and teaches them to “fall faster” through an implacable rejection, with not a hint of mercy toward their futile struggle against the stronger part . This is not yet a pitiless rejection, but a delight to see the fall of those who refuse to fly and rejoice in a display of increasingly high efforts.


The network effect also punishes equally those who dare to challenge the primacy of rational cooperation: it is impossible to desire a currency that is not widely accepted; and he who desires it still, does it in delusion – to this he succumbs.

Bitcoin lives online the same way the proof-of-work exists in nature: in rational games systems and devoid of coercion (i.e. without governments or moral obligations). This noble horse also lives in everyone’s mindbody, be it dying in his stable, or as a draught animal: irritating and inflaming again and again the driver who flagellates and dominates it with trickery; the bug that sticks on its forehead and blinds it.

I too want to get rid of this scourge. I too want to remove this excrescence. I do not wish to lengthen its life by allowing it to feed on my strength and virtue. I want to reject it and leave it to feed on those who accept it, hypocritical, to die along with a weaker host in the attempt – FASTER!