Monthly Archives: April 2015

Bitcoin doesn’t want “anonymous” (II)

Why is Bitcoin better off without anonymity? Why is it best to know who the owners of the Bitcoin addresses are and where the money goes?

In this world there are only two ways to get resources: A) by force, or B) by offering something in return. If Bitcoins are a valuable resource, then everyone will know what to adjust to, in terms of this moral dichotomy.

Today, some people – who call themselves “government” – invest time and effort investigating rich people’s accounts and transactions because they want to get their resources via method A. At the same time, another very different group of people are trying to work out how to obtain resources by means of the B method. The first group care about their own anonymity, but not about the anonymity of those whom they rob through taxation or currency devaluation; while the latter group care about their own anonymity, to avoid being robbed, but they don’t care about their rulers’ anonymity.

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