Monthly Archives: October 2014

Bitcoin doesn’t want “anonymous” (I)

A regrettable necessity

How do you feel about anonymity? To me it is all very stressing, and not the kind of stress with which we sacrifice the present moment for a future peace. Any effort in the direction of anonymity seems to encounter an equal force in the opposite direction – perhaps more newtonian than governmental – that puts us right back where we came from, in the open, and that confirms our inevitable condition both in the economy and in life: we want to be.

One cannot “want to be” and “want not to be” at the same time; just like one cannot have property rights without identity, nor an identity without property rights. It is not difficult to imagine how looking to die we can end up achieving “eternal life”. The same happens with anonymity and possessions. Even if you were an incorporeal entity, you would go about trying to satisfy your needs, and sooner or later society would draw a real profile of you, just like Google takes your digital fingerprint.

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